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Accepted Courses

View the accepted courses for the 2024 SMTA International Technical Conference! Half day educational courses are led by internationally respected professionals with extensive experience in the subject area. All courses are scheduled as LIVE, in-person classes.

Course details and scheduling will be released at a later date.

"Intermetallic Compounds (IMCs) Basic Metallurgy and Impact on Product"

Instructor: David Hillman, Hillman Electronic Assembly Solutions LLC

"Artificial Intelligence – Opportunities, Challenges & Possibilities"

Instructor: Jennie Hwang, Ph.D., H-Technologies Group

"Analytical Techniques in Electronics Manufacturing: Theory, Applications, and Data Interpretation"

Instructor: Adam Klett, Ph.D., KYZEN Corporation

"Cost Breakdown and Analysis of Microelectronics Packaging Technologies"

Instructor: Amy Lujan, SavanSys Solutions LLC

"Fundamentals of Thermal Interface Materials"

Instructor: Rita Mohanty, Ph.D., Henkel Corporation

"SMT Process Engineering - Advanced Topics for Experienced Engineers and Technical Leaders"

Instructor: Chrys Shea, Shea Engineering Services

"Failure Analysis of Electronic Devices"

Instructor: Martine Simard-Normandin, Ph.D., MuAnalysis

"LTS 101: Manufacturing Process Guidance for Implementation of SnBi Based Low Temperature Soldering for Consumer Products"

Instructor: Kok Kwan (KK) Tang, TechLeap PLT.

"Master Class on Ultra HDI PCB Technology: Innovations in Materials and Methods"

Instructor: Michael Vinson, Electroninks

"Advanced Methods for Component Quality and Traceability Assurance in Electronic Assembly"

Instructor: Eyal Weiss, Cybord

"Assembly: Best Practices for Improving Manufacturing Productivity"

Instructor: Phil Zarrow, Jim Hall, ITM Consulting

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