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Technical Conference Awards

2022 Conference Award Winners

Best of Proceedings Paper Awards

WINNER: Andrew Mawer, NXP Semiconductors
“Assembly and Reliability of a Novel High Density Dual Row MaxQFP."
(Co-authors include Mollie Benson, X.S. Pang, Stephen Lee, J.Z. Yao, Alvin Youngblood, NXP Semiconductors)

WINNER: Keith Sweatman, Nihon Superior Co., Ltd.
"Effect of Strain Rate on the Ductility of Bismuth-Containing Solders."
(Co-authors include Tetsuro Nishimura, Nihon Superior Co., Ltd.; Stuart McDonald, Xiaozhou Ye, Qichao Hao, Beatrice Negura, Xin Fu Tan, Kazuhiro Nogita, The University of Queensland)

WINNER: Richard Coyle, Ph.D., Nokia Bell Labs
“Thermal Fatigue of QFN and Chip Resistor Solder Joints Assembled with SnPb, SAC305, and SnBi Solders."
(Co-authors include Faramarz Hadian, Eric Cotts, Binghamton University; Xinzhi Feng, Martin Anselm, Ph.D., Rochester Institute of Technology; Richard Popowich, Nokia; Lenora Clark, ESI Automotive)

WINNER: Tim Pearson, Collins Aerospace
“Thermal Fatigue Reliability of a 1206 Chip Resistor with High-Performance Pb-Free Solder Alloys."
(The work was a joint effort by a group of co-authors as part of the iNEMI Alternative Alloys Program and the High Density Package (HDP) User Group)

Honorable Mention: Aileen Allen, HP Inc.
“A Review of the Impact of Dopants in Sn-Bi Solder Alloys."
(Co-authors include Helen Holder, Elizabeth Benedetto, HP Inc.)

Honorable Mention: Jean-Paul Clech, EPSI Inc.
“Predicting the Saturation of Solder Joint Cycles to Failure with Thermal Cycling Dwell Times."

Honorable Mention: Richard Coyle, Ph.D., Nokia Bell Labs
“Improved Thermal Fatigue Reliability of SAC305 due to Mixed Metallurgy Assembly with a High-Performance Bi-Bearing Solder Paste."
(Co-authors: Larry Mercanti, John Davignon and Robert Smith, High Density Packaging User Group Project)

Honorable Mention: Tae-Kyu Lee, Ph.D., Cisco Systems
“Low Melting Temperature Solder Interconnect Thermal Cycling Performance Enhancement using Elemental Tuning."
(Co-authors include Kendra Young, Portland State University; Nilesh Badwe, Raiyo Aspandiar, Satyajit Walwadkar, Intel Corporation; Young-Woo Lee, Hui-Joong Kim, Junk-Tak Moon, MK Electron Co., Ltd.)

Honorable Mention: Kevin Byrd, Intel Corporation
“Functional System Observations of Tin-Bismuth Low Temperature Solder Electromigration Behavior."
(Co-authors include Brian Franco, Intel Corporation)

2021 Conference Award Winners

Best of Proceedings Paper Awards

WINNER : Richard Coyle, Ph.D., Nokia Bell Labs
"The Effect of Peak Reflow Temperature on Thermal Cycling Performance and Failure Mode of Hybrid Low Temperature Solder Joints"
(Co-Authors: Martin Anselm, Faramarz Hadian, Sahana Kempaiah, Anto Raj, Richard Popowich, Lenora Clark, Jason Fullerton, Charmaine Johnson)

WINNER: Luke Wentlent, Universal Instruments Corporation
"Solder Ball Drift Behavior of Hybrid SnAgCu/LTS Solder Interconnects in Accelerated Thermal Cycling"
(Co-Authors: James Wilcox, Michael Meilunas, Universal Instruments Corporation)

WINNER: Richard Coyle, Ph.D., Nokia Bell Labs
"Interim Thermal Cycling Report on Hybrid and Homogeneous LTS Solder Joints"
(Co-Authors: Members of the iNEMI LTSPR Project Team)

Honorable Mention: Jean-Paul Clech, EPSI
"A Modified Coffin-Manson Methodology for Predicting Solder Joint Life in Eutectic Tin-Lead and Lead-Free Assemblies"

Honorable Mention: Andrew Mawer, NXP Semiconductors Inc.
"Hybrid Assembly and Reliability of Conventional Pb-Free BGAs Using Low Temperature Solder Paste for Temperature Sensitive IC Applications"
(Co-Authors: Mollie Benson, A R Nazmus Sakib, Nihaar Mahatme, Anirban Roy, Paul Ngan, Catherine Pronga)

Honorable Mention: Jagadeesh Radhakrishnan, Intel
"Mechanical Shock Testing And Failure Analysis On Mixed SnAgCu-BiSn And Full Stack BiSn Solder Joints Of CABGA192 Components"
(Co-Authors: Members of the iNEMI LTSPR Project Team)

2020 Conference Award Winners

Best of Proceedings Paper Awards

WINNER: Richard Coyle, Ph.D., Nokia Bell Labs 
"Enhancing Thermal Fatigue Reliability of Pb-Free Solder Alloys with Additions of Bismuth and Antimony"
(Co-Authors: Charmaine Johnson, Dave Hillman, and Tim Pearson, Collins Aerospace; Michael Osterman, CALCE; Joe Smetana, Nokia; Keith Howell, Nihon Superior Co., Ltd.; Hongwen Zhang and Ji Geng, Indium Corp.; Julie Silk, Keysight Technologies; Derek Daily, Senju Comtek Corp.; Babak Arfaei, SUNY-Binghamton; Ranjit Pandher, Alpha Technologies; Andre Delhaise, Celestica; Stuart Longgood, Delphi Technologies; Andre Kleyner, Aptiv)

Honorable Mention: Andrew Mawer, NXP Semiconductors
"Miniaturized Stacked Die QFN for Tire Pressure Monitoring System Applications"
(Co-Authors: Mollie Benson, Dwight Daniels, A R Nazmus Sakib, and Vishrudh Sriramprasad, NXP Semiconductors N.V.)

Honorable Mention: Jennifer Bennet, P.E., IBM Corporation
"CBGA and CCGA Field Reliability Predictions Confirmed"
(Co-Authors: Jim Bielick, Marie Cole, IBM Corporation)

Honorable Mention: Karen Tellefsen, Ph.D., MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions
"Advanced SIR Testing for Trapped Solder Paste Flux Residue"
(Co-Authors: Aurkie Ray, Anna Lifton and Paul Salerno, MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions)

Honorable Mention: Keith Sweatman, Ph.D., Nihon Superior Company, Ltd.
"Behaviour and Strengthening Effects of Sb in a Low-Bi Sn-Cu Solder Alloy"
(Co-Authors: Tetsuro Nishimur, Nihon Superior Co., Ltd.; Sergey A. Belyakov and Christopher M. Gourlay, Imperial College London)

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