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The distinguished SMTA International Technical Advisory Committee includes electronics manufacturing and packaging experts representing all facets of the industry. The Committee designed the conference program to ensure that today's latest trends and developments are fully addressed. They are an important component of the SMTA Brain Trust.

Conference Executives

Track Directors

Raiyo Aspandiar, Ph.D., Intel Corporation - LTS Track Director

Robert Boguski, Datest Corporation - INS Track Co-Director

Keith Bryant, KB Consultancy - INS Track Co-Director

Burton Carpenter, NXP Semiconductors - APT Track Director

Bill Capen, Honeywell FM&T - MD Track Director

Richard Coyle, Ph.D., Nokia Bell Labs - RHE Track Co-Director

Priyanka Dobriyal, Ph.D., Intel Corporation - WLP Track Director

Jeffrey Kennedy, ZESTRON Corporation - MFX Track Director

Robert Kinyanjui, Ph.D., John Deere Electronics Solutions Inc. - RHE Track Co-Director

Pradeep Lall, Ph.D., Auburn University - AME Track Director

Technical Committee Members

Colette Anctil, Collins Aersospace
Martin Anselm, Ph.D., Rochester Institute of Technology
Babak Arfaei, Ph.D., Juniper Networks

Affawn Ashraf, AMD
Nilesh Badwe, Ph.D., Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
Mike Bixenman, DBA, MBA, KYZEN Corporation
Lars Boettcher, Fraunhofer IZM Berlin
Richard Brooks, Spartronics

Kevin Byrd, Intel Corporation
Srinivas Chada, Ph.D., Project Kuiper-Amazon
Jean-Paul Clech, Ph.D., EPSI, Inc.
Marie Cole, IBM Corporation (retired)

Eric Cotts, Ph.D., Binghamton University

Maurice Dore, VALEO
Chloe Feng, Nokia Bell Labs
(the late) Michael Ford, Aegis Software

James Elliott Fowler, Ph.D., Sandia National Laboratories

Trevor Galbraith, Global SMT & Packaging

Jie Geng, Ph.D., Indium Corporation

Saurabh Gupta, Intel Corporation

Sa'd Hamasha, Ph.D., Auburn University
Md Hasnine, Ph.D., Qorvo, Inc.
David Hillman, Hillman Electronic Assembly Solutions
Jason Keeping, P.Eng., Celestica, Inc. 
Dale Lee, Plexus Corp.

Anna Lifton, MacDermid Alpha Electronic Solutions
Tanya Martin, CMP, SMTA
Andrew Mawer, NXP Semiconductors

Jayse McLean, John Deere Electronics Solutions Inc.

Adam Murling, Indium Corporation
Scott Priore, Cisco
Anto Raj, Medtronic
Gregory Vance, Rockwell Automation
Charles Woychik, Ph.D., NHanced Semiconductors

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