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View the accepted presentations for the 2024 SMTA International Technical Conference! Dive into the hottest trends, cutting-edge technology, and innovative solutions revolutionizing today's electronic manufacturing and assembly landscape.

View the Accepted Presentations Below

Additional presentations will be added as they are accepted into the technical program.

Full program schedule and presentation listing coming soon. 

Additively Manufactured Electronics (AME) Track

Advances in additive process – methods, recipes, materials, assembly, and reliability

  • Thomas Brennan, General Dynamics Mission Systems, “Riemannian CAD and Better Digital Design Tools for Conformal Circuits”

  • Harry Chou, Ph.D., PulseForge, “Interconnecting and Soldering to Printed Ink Metallization using Photonic Processes”

  • Kenneth Church, nScrypt, Inc., “Additive Manufactured Electronics for Next Generation Microelectronics”

  • Pradeep Lall, Ph.D., Auburn University, “Sensors and Process-Performance Interactions for Additive In-Mold Electronics in Automotive Applications”

  • Dan Migely, Impossible Objects, “Breaking Barriers: Advancing Electronics Tooling and Pallet Manufacturing with Additive Manufacturing”

  • Rahul Raut, MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions, “In-Mold Electronics: An Additive Manufacturing Approach for Integrated, Robust and 3D Electronics”

  • Tom Rovere, Lockheed Martin, “3D Aerosol Jet Printed Interconnects on Bare Die”

  • Douglas Schardt, Komori America Corp, “Current Minimum Micro Bump Size Using Gravure Offset Equipment”

  • Madhu Stemmermann, SunRay Scientific, Inc., “SMT Processing using Printed Anisotropic Conductive Epoxy for Direct Die Attach of Wire-bondable Chips on Flexible Additively Manufactured Electronics”

  • Ian Tevis, Indium Corporation, “Supercooled Solder Pastes in Low Temperature Attach Applications”

  • Michael Vinson, Electroninks, “Metal Organic Decomposition (MOD) Inks and Films for Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Shielding and Semi Additive Process (SAP)”

  • Eyal Weiss, Ph.D., Cybord, “AI-Powered Real-Time Inspection for Electronic Component Assembly”

Advanced Packaging (APT) Track

Advances in 1st level packaging and assembly

  • Joshua Akman, Ansys, “Numerical Modeling of Board Warpage During Solder Reflow: a Comparison of PCB Modeling Methodologies”

  • Lars Boettcher, Fraunhofer IZM Berlin, “Development of a High-Density Adaptive Redistribution Technology for Embedded High I/O Components”

  • Burton Carpenter, NXP Semiconductors, “Panel Level Package (PLP) – Scaling up Fan-Out Packaging”

  • Yoshinori Ejiri, Resonac Co., Ltd., “Cu Conductive Paste as Via Filling Materials for Through Glass Via (TGV)”

  • Glenn Farris, Universal Instruments, “Innovative Intelligent System Architectures for Heterogeneous Integration Assembly”

  • Pradeep Lall, Ph.D., Auburn University, “Potted Assembly Interfacial Reliability and Predictive Models Under Inclined 25000g Mechanical Shock”

  • Amy Lujan, SavanSys Solutions LLC, “Making Cost-Effective Design Decisions For Microelectronics Packaging”

  • Rita Mohanty, Ph.D., Henkel, “Thermal Performance Comparison Between Liquid and Pad Thermal Interface Material”

  • Sandra Nelle, Atotech Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG, “Non-Toxic Stabilization for Mixed Reaction Gold”

  • Charles Woychik, Nhanced Semiconductors, “The Next Generation of Si-Interposers”

  • Charles Woychik, Nhanced Semiconductors, “The Renaissance of Electronics Packaging in the United States”

  • Albert Wu, National Central University, “Advancing Bonding Techniques for Electronic Interconnects: Eco-Friendly Cu Nanoparticles and Cu-SAC Hybrid Paste”

  • Mina Yaghmazadeh, Ph.D., SJ Electronics, “2nd Generation of TIM”

Low Temperature Solder (LTS) Track

Developments that can enable reflow soldering below 200°C

  • Affwan Ashraf, AMD, “Homogeneous Low temperature Solder Technology - Reliability Improvements due to Edge Bond Processes”

  • Raiyo Aspandiar, Ph.D., Intel Corporation, “Thermal Cycling Hybrid, Homogeneous, and Resin Reinforced Low Temperature Solder Ball Grid Array Interconnects at a High Homologous Temperature”

  • Kevin Byrd, Intel Corporation, “Low Temperature Solder “Reverse Hybrid” Method to Simplify Tin-Bismuth Solder Conversions”

  • Kevin Byrd, Intel Corporation, “Progress in the Understanding and Prediction of Bismuth Electromigration in Functional Motherboard Solder Joints”

  • Michael Meilunas, Universal Instruments, “Effect of Temperature and Current Stressing on Low Temperature Solder BGA Drop Performance”

  • Francis Mutuku, Indium Corporation, “Effects of Dynamic Warpage on the Solder Joints of Large Plastic Ball-Grid Arrays Assembled with LTS”

  • Michael Osterman, Ph.D., CALCE, “Thermal Cycle Fatigue Life of Low Temperature Solders

  • Prabjit Singh, Ph.D., IBM Corporation, “Microstructural Evolution During Electromigration in Eutectic Tin-Bismuth Bottom Terminated Components Solder Joints”

  • Keith Sweatman, Nihon Superior Co., Ltd, “Wave Soldering the Lower Temperature Solder- A Case Study”

  • Kok Kwan (KK) Tang, TechLeap, “Unique Quality Control for The Success in Product Level Certification of Low Temperature Soldering with SnBi Based Alloy”

Manufacturing for Excellence (MFX) Track

Current project work in manufacturing process areas

  • Hikmat A Chammas, Honeywell Inc. Air Transport, “Design For Excellent (DFX)”

  • Kathryn Ackerman, Sourceability, “Sustainable and Strategic Design to Combat Component Unavailability”

  • Mike Bixenman, MBA, DBA,  Magnalytix, LLC, “Electronic Assembly Rework Best Practices when Building to a No-Clean and Cleaning Conditions”

  • Patty Chonis, A-Tek, “Vapor Phase Technology in Electronics Production”

  • Louis Diamond, Honeywell FM&T, “The Hidden Cost of Cheap Under Screen Paper Vs Long Term Reliability of Mission Critical Assemblies”

  • Jason Edgar, Honeywell FM&T, "Panel Router Bits Why Sharpness Matters When Panel Routing High Reliability Circuit Boards”

  • Jennifer Fijalkowski, MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions, “How Choosing the Right Cored Wire Can Optimize Automated Soldering Performance”

  • Christopher Genthe, Rockwell Automation, “Case Studies of Harsh Application Environments, the Unforeseen Situations”

  • Evan Griffith, Indium Corporation, “Fluxless Reflow Technology for Combination Fine-Pitch and SMT-Level Component Attach”

  • Saurabh Gupta, Intel Corporation, “DRAM Damage Due to X-Ray Inspections Post PCB assembly”

  • Shelia Hamilton, Teknek, “Using Technical Cleanliness Assessments to Reduce Manufacturing Defect”

  • Alex Huettis, Intel Corporation, “Large Form Factor Surface Mount Technology Process Demonstration”

  • Tony Lentz, FCT Solder, “Meeting the Challenges of Ultra-fine Feature Printing and Reflow Through Optimization of Pb-free Solder Paste”

  • Melanie Mathon, Inventec Performance Chemicals, “How AI Can Accelerate R&A for Solder Paste Formulations”

  • Ravi Parthasarathy, M.S.Ch.E., ZESTRON Corporation; Patrick Lawrence, ITW EAE; Evan Griffith, Indium Corporation , “Optimizing Cleaning Strategies for Advanced Packaging Technologies with Low Standoff Components”

  • Viktoria Rawinski, Rawinski GmbH, “Reduction of Condensate Residues in the Reflow Process by Targeted Control of Chemical Reactions"

  • Jaime Regis, Ph.D., Honeywell FM&T, “Aerosol Jet Printing, A Promising Emerging Technology for Printed Electronics (Potential SIR patterns)”

  • Jaime Regis, Ph.D., Honeywell FM&T, “Aerosol Printing SIR patterns on Real World Components. The Potential for Value-Added Real-World Data.”

  • Jeff Schake, ASMPT, “Investigation of Overprinting BGA Pads: It Should Print Better Than This!”

  • Kunal Shah, Lilotree, “Sustainability is a Key Parameter for Material and Chemistry Choices for Next Generation Electronic Assemblies”

  • Chrys Shea, Shea Engineering Services, “SIR (Surface Insulation Resistance) the Good, the Bad, the Ugly"

  • Vladimir Sitko, PBT Works s.r.o., “Cleaning under Bottom Terminated Components - Importance of Good Rinsing”

  • David Spitz, Ansys, Inc., “Design for Manufacturability - Perspectives from a Manufacturing Engineer”

  • Patrick Stockbruegger, LPKF Laser & Electronics SE, “Examination of Cutting Edge Quality and the Influences of Laser Depaneling”

  • Joerg Trodler, Dipl.-Ing., Trodler-EAVT, “Requirements for the Filler Material Solder Paste for Combinations of Different Technologies (SMT, COB, FC and LE)”

  • Paul Wang, Ph.D. MiTAC Computer Technology, “iNEMI Board Assembly-Press Fit Technology Roadmap of 2023 and 10 years Beyond”

  • Ram Wissel, KYZEN Corporation, “An Investigation in Rinse Water Sustainability”

Reliability and Harsh Environments (RHE) Track

Reliability testing materials and technologies for developers & users

  • Abdallah Alakayleh, Auburn University, “Thermal Cycling Reliability of Third-generation Alloys Considering the Effect of Solder Paste Volume and Surface Finish”

  • Mike Bixenman, MBA, DBA, Magnalytix, LLC, “Developing the Pass/Fail Metrics when Testing Functional Components at Elevated Temperature, Humidity, and Bias”

  • Pritha Choudhury, Ph.D., Macdermid Alpha Electronics Solutions India Pvt. Ltd., “Unraveling the Next-generation High-Reliability Lead-free Solder Alloy”

  • Richard Coyle, Ph.D.,  Nokia Bell Labs, “A Comparison of Thermal Cycling and Thermal Shock for Evaluating Solder Joint Reliability”

  • Richard Coyle, Ph.D.,  Nokia Bell Labs, “The Effect of Thermal Cycling Dwell Time on Reliability of High-Performance Pb-free Solder Alloys”

  • Saddam Daradkeh, Ph.D., Auburn University, “The Effect of Board Design on the Drop Shock Performance of Lead-Free Solder Alloys”

  • Victoria DeLissio, Heraeus Electronics, “Next-Level Reliability: Enhancing Automotive Electronics with a Pb-Free Thick Film and Solder Combination”

  • Martin Goetz, Northrop Grumman Mission Systems, “RF Multi Chip Module (MCM) Reliability Considerations for Mil-Aero Applications: Interconnects and Interposers”

  • Donghyun Kim, Ph.D. , Nokia Bell Labs, “Influence of Salt Contamination and RH on Creep Corrosion of Immersion Sliver (ImAg) Board”

  • Michael Konrad, Aqueous Technologies, “The Relationship Between Cleanliness and Reliability of Circuit Assemblies Employed in Harsh Environments”

  • Jean-Baptiste Libot, Ph.D., Hooke Electronics, “A New Efficient and Easy-to-use Thermomechanical Reliability Model for Lead-Free Solder Joints”

  • Anna Lifton, MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions, “Evaluating Reliability Enhancement of Polymer Reinforcement and Solder Alloy Combined Material Sets on Board Level Assemblies.”

  • Melanie Mathon, Inventec Performance Chemicals, “Use of AI to Predict the Compatibility Between Solder Paste Residues and Coatings”

  • Jayse McLean, John Deere Intelligent Solutions Group, “Thermal Shock Testing of High-Reliability Mixed BGA Solder Joints”

  • Rita Mohanty, Ph.D., Henkel Corporation, “Improving Reliability of High Performing PCB With Advanced Conformal Coating Use”

  • Miles Moreau, KIC, “Exploring Thermocouple Attachment Techniques for PCB Thermal Profiling”

  • Mathias Nowottnick, University of Rostock, “Investigation of the Mechanical Strength of Solder Joints at Elevated Temperature”

  • Michael Osterman, Ph.D., CALCE, “Solder Performance and Reliability Assurance Project – Solder Performance and User Handbook for Defense Systems”

  • Anthony Rafanelli, Ph.D., Engineering Consultant, “Thermal Shock versus Thermal Cycle with Respect to Electronics Performance – Some Discussion Points”

  • Agustin Vasquez, Ph.D., Intel Corporation, “Comparative Study for Solder Joint Performance Under Shock for ENIG and ENEPIG Surface Plated Tester PCBs.”

  • Menghong Wang, Ph.D., Auburn University, “Thermal Cycling and Drop Shock Test Program for Defense-Purpose High Performance Lead-Free Solder Alloys”

Test and Inspection (INS) Track

Ensuring product reliability short & long-term

  • Nick Fieldhouse, Omron Inspection Systems, “A Close Look at BGA Measurements: IPC Guidelines and X-Ray Inspection”

  • Daniel Perry, Koh Young Technology, Inc., “Optimize Your Dispensing Process with True 3D Inspection: An Update on the Journey Towards Zero Defects”

  • John Johnson, EAP, “Pre & Post Solder AOI for THT”

  • Adam Klett, Ph.D., KYZEN Corporation, “A Survey of the Sources of Ionic Contamination as Measured by Ion Chromatography During Electronics Manufacturing”

  • Evstatin Krastev, Nordson, “Review of the Latest Developments of the X-ray Inspection Technology for PCBAs and Microelectronics Devices”

  • Soujanya Nagaraja Rao Malur, Binghamton University, “Machine Learning-based Server Testing and Debugging Model for Large-Scale PCB Manufacturing Industries”

  • Michael Obrecht, Siborg Systems Inc, “Calibration of Tweezer Meters Enabling Sub 1 pF and Sub 10 nH Measurements”

  • Edward Pechin, Vitrox, “Artificial Intelligence and it's Role in Improving Automated Optical Inspection”

  • Jinal Prajapati, Watson Institute for System Excellence, Binghamton University, “Machine Vision-based Plated Through Hole Defect Inspection Model for Large-Scale PCB Manufacturing Industries”

  • Gayle Towell, AIM Solder, “Impact of Solder Paste Sheen on AOI Error Rates: A Comparative Study”

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