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Keynote Presentation

Join us at SMTA International 2023 for an enlightening keynote presentation by Ryan Gamble, CEO and Founder of Intraratio Corporation, and the original architect of their Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and IoT/Yield Data Management System (YMS) solutions. In an era where data is hailed as the new currency, the ability to harness and leverage it effectively can make or break an organization's competitiveness.


Ryan Gamble, CEO and Founder, Intraratio Corporation

Making Data Useful and Actionable To Remain Competitive

FREE to All Attendees!


Tuesday, October 10  | 9:00am-10:00am 

Room: 200 AB 

The complexity of electronics in today’s products is increasing at a rapid rate. For example, our dependency on cell phones has expanded from social and business matters, to connecting to a car, to open and operate the vehicle. This is just one testament to how rapid this complexity is growing. This requires continuous improvements in the traceability, quality, and reliability of electronics manufacturing. Real-time data collection and reporting across the entire manufacturing line, termed Digitization, is what underpins the ability to meet these increasing requirements.

Digitization is now a requirement for continued growth and survival for companies at all levels. And it opens incredible new opportunities to improve margins, reduce waste, ensure knowledge retention and transference, enabling new levels of innovation and competitiveness. Finally, Digitization sets the stage to leverage the new breed of AI software tools entering the market, that can do things like automated outlier detection, predictive machine maintenance and more. Touching on real world examples, this keynote presentation covers the practical steps and sources of risk, to implementing factory Digitization.

Get to Know Ryan Gamble

Ryan Gamble is CEO and Founder of Intraratio Corporation, and original architect of their Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and IoT/Yield Data Management System (YMS) solutions. With an electrical and computer engineering degree, he spent 20+ years in semiconductor and electronics manufacturing, having been responsible for prototype to high volume manufacturing of CMOS and Silicon Photonics devices, including Optical and RF Communications system assemblies found in today’s commercial, automotive, medical, space and military applications.

His passion is working at all levels, to identify and recommend solutions to business challenges, based on a deep technical understanding of operational processes and today’s electronics product complexities. Intraratio’s solutions are deployed in SMT, semiconductor and discrete manufacturing lines, serving automotive/EV, medical device, and space military industries. Customers range from startup to global suppliers, such as Cisco Systems and Molex Technologies, spanning the US, Mexico, Europe and China.

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