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Advanced Packaging (APT) Track

Advances in 1st level packaging and assembly

  • Innovations in package materials, structures and assembly processes

  • Advances in CSP, FCBGA, FCCSP, bumping, 2.5/3D, SiP, PoP, PiP, in homogeneous and other novel integrations

  • Component and board level reliability of electronic packaging and other components

  • Unique application environments and challenging mission profiles

  • Materials improvements or innovations to address reliability or hazardous substance restrictions

  • First and second level interconnect, including Cu wire, Ag wire, Copper Pillar, lead finishes, wettable flanks, novel alloys

Additively Manufactured Electronics (AME) Track

Advances in additive process – methods, recipes, materials, assembly, and reliability

  • Additive Processes

  • Process Design and Control

  • Conductive and Dielectric Inks

  • Sintering Methods

  • Thinned Chips

  • Assembly of Additive Fabricated Circuits

  • Reliability of Additive FHE

  • Applications of Additive FHE

Low Temperature Solder (LTS) Track

Developments that can enable reflow soldering below 200°C

  • Alloy development for interconnects addressing low temperature applications, including reliability study results

  • Microstructural characterization and structure/property relationships of low temperature materials

  • Process development for manufacturing using low temperature solder

  • Participants represent individual companies, industry consortia and working groups, universities, and research institutes. Participant business interests include low-cost consumer electronics, telecom, high-end computing equipment.

Manufacturing for Excellence (MFX) Track

Current project work in manufacturing process areas

  • Miniaturization & Cavity board assembly

  • Odd form factor

  • Increased interconnect density

  • DFX for next generation products

  • Cleaning and conformal coating challenges and solutions

  • Automation and Control (e.g. Industry 4.0, Smart Manufacturing, Supply Chain)

  • Factory Integration & Industry 4.0

  • Lean Six Sigma case studies

  • Interesting Failure Analysis and Root Cause Corrective actions

  • All aspects of the SMT process (i.e. Screen Printing, Pick and Place, Reflow & Inspection

  • The MFX sessions aim to bring together expert input and detailed case analysis as well as experiments dedicated to highlight problems and solutions of today and the future.

Medical & Defense (MD) Track

Advances in additive process – methods, recipes, materials, assembly, and reliability

Topic ideas coming soon...

Reliability and Harsh Environments (RHE) Track

Reliability testing materials and technologies for developers & users

  • Alloy and material development for interconnects, addressing high performance and high-value applications.

  • Thermal and mechanical solder joint reliability including thermal cycling, thermal shock, vibration, drop/shock, and bending and interconnect failure modes.

  • Materials Selection and Test Methods for high performance and reliability

  • Microstructural characterization, and structure/property relationships.

  • Predictive modeling.  

  • Soldering, Sintering, Laser reflow, and unique joining challenges for high performance requirements.

  • Ruggedization practices for harsh environment applications.

  • Electronic Component Lifecycle Management, including Prognostic and Health Management (PHM) of electronic systems.

Test and Inspection (INS) Track

Ensuring product reliability short & long-term

  • Metrology

  • Component Test Methodologies

  • Component Inspection Methodologies

  • Board Test Methodologies

  • Board Inspection Methodologies

  • Reliability Assessment Methods

  • Short-term and Long-term Reliability Testing Methods

  • Test Data Collection, Aggregation, Interpretation, and Use for Manufacturing Effectiveness and Excellence, Including Industry 4.0 Applications

  • System-Level and Custom Test Methodologies

  • Failure Analysis and Root Cause Identification Techniques

  • Test Plan Creation, Implementation, and Comparative Risk Analysis of Differing Test Methodologies

  • Test Troubleshooting

  • Test Completeness

  • Reliability

  • Counterfeit Mitigation Techniques

  • Case Studies

Women's Leadership Program (WLP) Track

Promote diversity in engineering fields

An inclusive culture in the workforce increases organization's efficiency and creates a competitive advantage. Join us for the Women's Leadership Program at SMTA International, which aims to promote diversity in engineering fields and a culture of inclusion for women in technical conferences.

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